29 September 2011
Lightning Talks
Lightning Talks
Global Learning

5 minute talks from a variety of people, on any subject as long as it's tangentially related to Perl.

here Talks listed in order of presentation, materials are .

Modular Development
Tom Legrady
Localizing CPAN modules for Different Applications
Henry Baragar

Practical tips on installing per-application modules so you can deploy your applications independantly and safely.

Slug Update
Henry Baragar

A follow-up to last year's talk on git as a backup tool.

Dave Doyle

OO tutorial An overview of Dave Rolsky's revamp of Perl's .

git submodule
Olaf Alders

An explanation and illustration of the git submodule mechanism which mere mortals can understand.

http://www.slideshare.net/oalders/git-submodule Slides at .

Vim Scripting Language
Alan Rocker
Run Away
Mike Stok

Thoughts about Perl and its place in Mike's world after a couple of decades of using it as his primary programming language.

celluloid XMOS Looking for intersting ideas and innovations e.g. Ruby's which might work well on parallel hardware one day, maybe on ?

heroku Languages supported at :

Seven Languages in Seven Weeks Languages mentioned in :