25 April 2013
Global Knowledge
Go at Google
Henry Baragar

Henry gives us a very informative "regurgitation" of a keynote talk that Rob Pike presented at SPLASH 2012.

Meeting Notes:

  • Go is "Object-Based", not "Object-Oriented"
  • Functions are first-class citizens
  • Instead of classes and objects, you have packages and functions (and function wrappers)
  • Go is intended as a systems language, intended to be used instead of C/C++
  • Go is very fast, so much so that compile times make it feel like a dynamic (scripting) language
  • Go is somewhat rigid; although it can be expressive, it does much to prevent/discourage experimentation (e.g., using it to create domain-specific languages, or DSLs)

More information about the Google Go programming language can be found at: http://golang.org/