29 July 2013
Guest speaker: Michelle Warren
Guest speaker: Michelle Warren
Global Knowledge
Guest speaker Michelle Warren will be with us this month. michellewarren.ca
Career Communications - A Practical Approach
Michelle Warren

The ability to communicate well is critical to success in any job. You must be able to express yourself both confidently and effectively. Without that winning combination, it can be almost impossible to understand different cultures, navigate your career and distinguish yourself. It is one of the key steps in demonstrating your value to an organization and to members of your team.

Michelle Warren will be presenting a dynamic, informative and interactive mini-workshop to help you position yourself. As a professional communications coach with over 10 years of leading workshops and seminars, she uses her IT industry experience to help IT individuals to set and achieve goals, communicate more effectively, and be more productive at work. In addition, she is a pioneer in the use of social networking tools to help individuals with marketing, branding, and self-promotion. She is excited to be working again with Perl Mongers to help with career development and hone their communication skills.