24 October 2013
perl5i and MetaCPAN
perl5i and MetaCPAN
Global Knowledge
Tom Legrady and Olaf Alders will both be presenting tonight, on two very different topics.
Tom Legrady
perl5i Tom has written a series of blog posts about .
Installing the MetaCPAN VM
Olaf Alders
metacpan-developer In order to speed up hacking on MetaCPAN, virtual machines (VM) can now be downloaded to get you up and running in a hurry. These VMs are preconfigured and Debian machines which come with pretty much everything you need to get MetaCPAN up and running on your own machine. To download your own VM before the meeting beggins, checkout the instructions. In this first of two parts, we'll talk about what it takes to get the VM up and running and we'll take some time to troubleshoot any issues which folks have had with the basic install. Please do follow the instructions listed above to install (or at least download) the VM before the meeting begins, so that we can be as productive as possible. MetaCPAN makes use of Vagrant, VirtualBox, ElasticSearch, Catalyst, jQuery, Template Toolkit and a whole lot of other technology which can help you towards full buzzword compliance.