28 November 2013
Hacking on the MetaCPAN VM
Hacking on the MetaCPAN VM
Global Knowledge
Hacking on the MetaCPAN VM
Olaf Alders

metacpan-developer In order to speed up hacking on MetaCPAN, virtual machines (VM) can now be downloaded to get you up and running in a hurry. These VMs are preconfigured and Debian machines which come with pretty much everything you need to get MetaCPAN up and running on your own machine. To download your own VM before the meeting beggins, checkout the instructions.

In the first part of this talk (in the October meeting) we got the VM installed and ready to go. Now, a month later, we'll be ready to contribute to MetaCPAN directly. The hope is that we can squash a few bugs together and send at least a couple of pull requests to the MetaCPAN team.