27 March 2014
AngularJS; Returning to Perl
AngularJS; Returning to Perl
OANDA - 370 King Street West

VENUE CHANGE: We're trying out a new venue as it looks like our old venue will be lost to us later this year. OANDA's offices are at 370 King Street West, Toronto, ON. Go to the west elevators and head on up to the second floor. The door is locked, please knock and someone will let you in.

Matt Phillips, Justin Pacheco, Stuart Watt, and Dave Doyle will be presenting this evening.

An introduction to AngularJS
Matt Phillips & Justin Pacheco

AngularJS is a toolkit for extending HTML for dynamic applications.

AngularJS Directives
Stuart Watt

A look at some of the directives in AngularJS, and at how to write your own directives - that's where the fun starts and what makes AngularJS such a great framework compared to the "classical" template based ones to Stuart.

Returning to Perl & Modern Perl
Dave Doyle

After a two year absence, what is it like returning to Perl? What are the accepted standards in Perl now as represented by the Modern Perl movement?