24 April 2014
Doubleheader: AngularJS and SyContent
Doubleheader: AngularJS and SyContent
OANDA - 370 King Street West

OANDA's offices are at 370 King Street West, Toronto, ON. Go to the west elevators and head on up to the second floor. The door is locked, please knock and someone will let you in.

We have two talks to look forward to this month. One local and one remote:

An introduction to AngularJS
Matt Phillips & Justin Pacheco

AngularJS is a toolkit for extending HTML for dynamic applications.


SyContent is a publishing service written in Perl, using Google V8 scripting engine. It allows content management in the cloud, while still using own resources to host the content and to assure the privacy of website users. The author, Getty, will introduce many advantages of the concept in the talk, next to an explanation on how the system was built.