29 May 2014
Doubleheader: OrientDB and Qstruct
Doubleheader: OrientDB and Qstruct
OANDA - 370 King Street West

OANDA's offices are at 370 King Street West, Toronto, ON. Go to the west elevators and head on up to the second floor. The door is locked, please knock and someone will let you in.

OrientDB and XS Module Development (PlOrient)
Adam Wright & Joel Wieser

OrientDB is an open-source object oriented database which stores JAVA objects (POJOs). It is fast, scalable and easy to use. In particular it is useful because it stores data in an intuitive structure and efficiently handles relations between objects. We have been working on an XS binary interface that we are intending on using at the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research (OICR) and are planning on releasing as a CPAN module. The intent of the talk is to go over both database designs and lessons learnt while developing our first XS module.

Doug Hoyte

Qstruct is a module that implements a schema-based binary serialisation protocol. Its main advantage is that the in-memory format is the same as the wire format so there are no explicit encoding or decoding steps, and as a result is nearly as efficient as C structures. Despite this, implementations are designed to be portable and safe, and the schema is designed to be extensible and flexible. This talk will cover basic and advanced use of Qstruct, its encoding specification, the Qstruct schema language and its ragel parser implementation, Qstruct::Compiler, and the XS perl bindings to libqstruct that form the reference dynamic implementation.