30 July 2014
Doubleheader: Regular Expressions & Contributions
Doubleheader: Regular Expressions & Contributions
OANDA - 370 King Street West

OANDA's offices are at 370 King Street West, Toronto, ON At the Hyatt Regency Hotel, take the west office elevators by the security desk to the second floor.

Please note this is the first month we'll be holding our meeting on the last Wednesday of the month and this will become our customary time.

Two talks this time around though any attendees of YAPC::NA last month are welcome to talk about interesting talks they saw and do a recap for us. I particularly regret missing Charles Stross's keynote as I'm a big fan.

Getting the most out of Regular Expressions
Doug Hoyte

Perl's regular expression engine is one of the most advanced around. This talk will discuss some well-known and less-well-known modules that can help you take full advantage of regexps. Regexp::Debugger - debug and performance profile your regular expressions. Regexp::Assemble - compose multiple regexps into a single monster regexp. Regexp::Grammars - remember how parsing nested structures with regexps is "impossible"? Not any-more. Regexp::Exhaustive - no match left behind. Bio::Regexp - apply perl regular expressions to bio-informatics problems. Bonus: We'll also talk about some neat unicode regexp features, perl 5.14's re-entrant regexp engine, and a long-standing regexp segfault bug finally fixed in perl 5.18.

My Contributions
Matt Philips

Matt will be talking about modules he's contributed to CPAN and what problems they solved.