24 September 2014
Lightning Talks
Lightning Talks
OANDA - 370 King Street West

Every September we do Lightning talks: 5 minute time boxed presentations on anything you think might be of interest to the community.

Please feel free to drop me a line to get yourself added. If your presentation is strictly slides, please email them to dave.s.doyle@gmail.com ahead of the meeting so I can set them up on my machine to simplify the presentation process and keep things easy for our Google Hangout broadcast.

This list will be updated as details roll in:

OANDA's offices are at 370 King Street West, Toronto, ON At the Hyatt Regency Hotel, take the west office elevators by the security desk to the second floor.

Tools for doing local email development
Alex Beamish
Lightning Talk
Dave Doyle
Lightning Talk
Doug Hoyte
Olaf Alders
Lightning Talk
Stuart Watt