30 September 2010
Lightning Talks
Lightning Talks
Nexient, Classroom E (5), 12th Floor

Short, 5 to 15 minute talks from a variety of people, on any subject as long as it's got at least a tangent to Perl.

Presentation materials

The order of talks listed here does not imply any order of presentation.

Render On Caesar
Fulko Hew
Don't Quote Me On That
Mike Stok
Whats new in Perl 5.10 and 5.12
Alan Rocker
Getting Started with Dist::Zilla
Olaf Alders

(Added from mailing list post after the talk)

Also, the sample Dist::Zilla .dzil configuration is posted here:


Mangling CPAN with Plack::App::Proxy
Olaf Alders

(Added from mailing list post after the talk)

I've posted last night's slides: http://www.slideshare.net/oalders/mangling

If you're interested in Plack at all, I'd suggest you check out the repo and try it out. You should be up and running in just a few minutes. Let me know if you run into any problems with it.

Lightning Perl 6
Tom Legrady
"Bricolage for dummies"
Phillip Smith
Where Do C Programmers Come From?
James E Keenan
Wha' Do We Ain't Got?
James E Keenan
Git as a Back Up Tool
Henry Baragar